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From: Max
Subject: Fatherly Bonds-3Because of the pictures they had taken, Roy had started to be a big part of
my sex fantasies, and they often involved some kind of bondage. Soon enough
I started asking Dad if I could suck Roy's cock or let him fuck me, but Dad
wouldn't let us, and Roy wouldn't do it without Dad's permission. Well, I
still had my friends to fuck around with, but Dad warned me not to tell
them about how open we were, black lolitas nude gallery and even though they wanted to play around
with him too, he wouldn't do it. I had some problems with one of them
later, a guy who started saying shit to people about me, so I was glad I'd
never been too honest with my friends.Meanwhile, I was learning a lot about what Dad was into. I loved looking at
his magazines and X-rated videos, some of which included bondage and kind
of extreme stuff like guys pissing on each other. Dad said that he had underage 15 yr lolita some
videos from their workshops that he'd show me when I was old enough, but
that if I tried to go looking through his things without permission, it
would be the end of the open relationship we had developed. I was curious
about what might be on those tapes, but I was so glad to be able to be
sexual around him that I figured I should just wait. I asked him how old I
had to be before I could see them and he jokingly remarked "Sixty!"Around my seventeenth birthday, I got curious about some of the butt plugs
and things I saw advertised in the magazines. I asked Dad if he ever used
them and he said he wasn't really into it, but if I wanted to explore it
he'd give me some advice. I asked him what that might be, and he just
smirked and walked away. When we went to the grocery store together the
next day, he went over to the cucumbers and he asked me to choose one. I
picked up the largest one I could find, and he laughed and said, "I'm not
sure you're ready for that right out of the gate," and then chose a few
that I thought looked really puny. I didn't have any idea what he was
talking about until we were in the checkout line and I was looking at the
cucumbers in the plastic bag, trying to figure out what he meant, and I
managed to put two and two together. "Oh SHIT!" I laughed, and I think
everyone in the store turned to look at me. Dad laughed out loud and said
"Finally got a clue, huh?""Dad!" I said, and then couldn't think of anything else to say."I think discretion is the better part of valor at this point, son." Dad
said quietly. "Just a trial version to see what you're ready for."On the way home from the grocery store that day, Dad opened up about his
feelings. He explained that he ls magazine lolita pic knew I was curious about a lot of things in
his black lolitas nude gallery
life, and that he was curious about what it would be like to fool
around together too, but was really conflicted. Not because he thought it
might be wrong, but he just wanted to make sure that I knew what I might be
getting into."Once you turn that corner, there's no going back. If you don't like it or
you wish it had never happened, you can't erase it, and I don't want you to
have to pay those consequences for your whole lifetime.""Dad, honestly, I just wanna know what it's like. I don't have to know
everything all at once, but, can't we just... I mean, honestly, I really
love to..."I had to hesitate a moment before I could get the words out..."I really love to suck cock, okay? And I think I'm pretty good at it too. I
know I'm gay because I really, really like having sex with guys. But it's
sort of like I've been in the minors when what I want is to be in the major
league. I love to suck cock and I love to fuck and get fucked, and I'd
really like to learn about all the bondage stuff too. And I'm saying this
not just because you're my Dad, but, Jesus, Dad, you have an awesome
cock. I could take really good care of it. There, that's it, I said
it. That's the honest truth."Dad laughed and looked over at me. With his right hand he patted me on the
chest and then totally surprised me by reaching down and gently squeezing
my crotch."Good. I'm glad you know what you want. And I always want you to be able to
be honest with me. There's nothing you should ever be ashamed to top 100 lolita girlies tell me
about sex or anything else. Sex is good and fun and I don't ever want you
to be afraid of expressing your feelings. But it has consequences too. If
we're gonna do this, you know you're never going to be able to talk about
it with any of your friends, right? You know what could happen if the wrong
people found out about it, don't you?""Sure. Of course. I promise I won't tell a soul."Dad let out a nervous laugh and shook his head. "Oh Jesus...," he laughed,
and looked over at me with a rare intensity, then looked back at the road."Okay, first thing you gotta know is that I love you, I truly do. I'm not
ever gonna do anything that I think will hurt you, okay? But I'm not gonna
be shy about doing what I want with you. I'm not sure you'll like that. If
you don't, then just let me know, but until you say so, I might be taking
you into territory you might not like. I don't know. It's hard to say, but
I have my fantasies too. The thing about lovers or sex partners or whatever
is that it's a give and take, but trust is the most important thing. I'll
trust you to be truthful with me, and you have to know that I'm gonna be
truthful with you."I couldn't believe he was saying all this stuff. "Okay. Sure.""No, not okay, sure. This isn't a game. It might be play, but it's serious
play. Promise me that you'll tell me if teen lolita webcam pics
you want to stop.""Of course, yeah, I mean... I promise I'll tell you if I want to stop."I couldn't imagine any scenario in which that might happen, though.We were just pulling into the driveway of the house, and even as much as I
wanted what was coming, I started to get really nervous.The next few minutes seemed incredibly awkward to me. It was like that
conversation had never happened. We just started unpacking all the
groceries and putting them away. Normally I would have shed my clothes the
minute we got inside, but I wasn't sure what was normal any more, so I just
kept them on."Are you hungry?" Dad asked."Uh, no, not really. I can fix you something if you want.""No, just asking."I found the bag of cucumbers and sort of muttered "Uh..."Without any hint of humor, Dad said, "You'll need to wash those."I smiled at him, but he didn't smile back. I went to the sink, and began to
wash them."One thing we need to talk about is that from now on, you're gonna need to
be clean inside. After you finish with those, I want you to go upstairs and
make sure your ass is cleaned out. There's some enemas under the sink in my
bathroom. But from now on, when you're at home, you're always going to have
to be clean, so after you take a shit, I want you to take a shower.""I always do anyway.""Good boy. Now the other thing you need to know is that we're gonna go slow
with this, okay? I know you want to jump into it until the rafters rumble,
but I'm gonna do it my way. You have to earn those things you want. I'm the
Dad and you're the boy, and you do what I tell you until either of us wants
it to end, alright?"Okay," I said, and turned off the water. Then Dad dropped a bombshell."Roy's coming over tonight, and I thought you'd like it if he was part of
your training."I smiled so wide I nearly unzipped my head. "That would be GREAT!" I
swooned. Wiping my wet hands on a towel, I turned to face him."Good. Now come here," Dad said, and held out his arms. I stepped toward
him and hugged him to me. I still remember how solid and warm he felt in my
arms. He took my head in his hands and guided my lips to his."A kiss for good luck," he said, and suckled my open mouth. I was so hard I
thought my dick would burst through my jeans. My knees were shaking, my
breath was heavy, and sven bbs lolita preteen I suddenly felt completely helpless to know how to
proceed. I just tiny lolita nymphet tits let Dad take the lead as he put his tongue inside my mouth
and searched for mine. Involuntarily I gasped, and he withdrew."You okay?"The room was swirling around me, but I didn't want him to stop."Fine. Don't stop."He laughed, squeezed me tight, clutched my ass as he growled deeply, and
gave my ear a quick nibble. "Mmmmm. Sexy fucker!" he whispered, then pushed
me away with a pat on the butt. "Now get going."I walked up the stairs and down the hallway to my bedroom. Like most boys
my age, it was a disaster area. I pulled off my tee shirt and shucked my
jeans onto the floor. There was a mirror above the dresser, and through the
mounds of crap that lay on top, I looked at my reflection. My dick was
pointing toward the ceiling. I thought to myself how this was the last time
I'd look like this, that something big was about to change me.I heard Dad's cell phone ring, and listened as he walked up the stairs
talking, apparently a business call. I looked at my body in the mirror,
flexed my arms, looked at myself from the side, and again from the back,
took a deep breath, and followed Dad into his bedroom. He sat on the bed
and took off his shoes, as I crossed the room toward the bathroom. He
caught my hand in his, pulled me back toward him, and motioned for me to
stand in front of him. He continued his conversation, but reached up to
fondle my balls. His touch was cold, and I tensed up, which made him smile
and look up into my eyes, and I smiled back and giggled a little, then felt
really stupid for giggling like a girl.Dad reached for my dick and squeezed it a couple of times. He gently pulled
down on it and let it go, making it flop against my stomach. He looked up
at me with a wink, turned me toward the bathroom door and patted my ass. I
took that as a sign to be moving along, so I went into the bathroom and
opened the cabinet under the sink. There was a package of three enemas,
with one missing, so I pulled out one of the bottles and walked back
through the bedroom to my bathroom.I'll spare you the details, but when I returned to his bedroom I was
squeeky clean inside and out. Dad had lit some underage 15 yr lolita candles, and jazz was
playing on the stereo (my Dad is a HUGE jazz fan). He was naked and
semi-hard, laying back on the bed with his hands behind his head and his
feet on the floor. Just then the doorbell rang."That's Roy," Dad said. "Why don't you go let him in."
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